The Skecher’s shoes science of comfort

Comfort science for people who like to work hard and play even harder has come a long way. Now, the same technology that gives you a good night’s rest is available in a form-fitting shoe. Skechers shoes line of memory foam sneakers and slip-on casuals for men, women, and kids provide the support and structure you need without the added weight and bulk of most sport shoes.

What’s So Great About Skechers shoes Memory Foam? 

Some shoe companies give you comfort, and others give you style. With Skechers mens shoes, you get both. The company tagline states that they’re “like pillows for your feet”. While that ties back to the mattress reference, your feet will be anything but tired in these shoes. But, you don’t have to take their word for it, or ours. Memory foam shoes in almost every style are getting rave reviews by fans ranging from sports stars to everyday people like you. 

The secret is in the science. Memory foam shoes offer the same form-fitting hug of comfort for feet as the bedding does for your body. For those who spend all day on their feet, there’s gel-infused memory foam that cools and supports right up until you kick off your shoes in the evening. Out and about all day? Skechers mens shoes offers an air-cooled sole for superior breathability. If it’s form-fitting personalisation you’re after, all shoes in the collection mold to the shape of most feet. 

Get the Right Fit From Your Skecher Shoes Sport Casuals 

Although these shoes are designed to feel like they were made just for your feet, it’s still important to get the right fit. This is especially true if you’re ordering online from and can’t try them on until they arrive at your door. Flex Fit, Relaxed fit, and other styles from Skechers are meant to fit like a second skin, but ordering the wrong size can still lead to problems. 

Feet change size and shape slightly as we get older, and they’re larger after we’ve been on them all day than they are in the morning. Most people have one foot that’s slightly larger then the other as well. Before you order any shoes online, have your feet measured, even if you’ve always taken the same size. Different styles may fit differently, but this is a good starting point before ordering. 

Skechers shoes arrive, there are several ways to gauge proper fit: 

* The shoe should roughly appear the same shape as your foot and fit without rubbing in the wrong places. Don’t count on them stretching to fit after you’ve broken them in. 

* Your toes should have a little wiggle room. When standing, there should be about 3/8 inches to 1/2 inch of space between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. 

* The widest part of your foot should sit properly in the widest part of the shoe without rubbing or restriction when walking or standing. 

* When you walk, the back of the shoe shouldn’t slide on your heel. 

When you want massive comfort and smart style combined, few casual shoes feel like Skechers. Whether you’re taking a turn around town or you’re out for a bit of sport on the weekend, your feet will thank you.