The Rockport Shoes is a shoe manufacturing company centered in Newton, Massachusetts. Its current owner is the Crescent capital company which is responsible for the Rockport shoes new brands, the Rockport Cobb collection and Aravon. This group was founded by Saul Kartz and Bruce Kartz, father and son respectively, in 1971 at Marlborough, Massachusetts. Rockport shoe Company serves over 60 countries in a couple of retail networks. Initially, this shoe company was known as the Hubbard shoe.

What is the story of Rockport Shoes?

This was in the early 1930’s with Samuel Kartz being the head who led the company into employing over 700 employees at Rockport mens shoes in eight years after which Saul Kartz acquired his father’s business in 1945. Saul Kartz started selling the shoe in the United States and other countries with low labor costs, and this became a threat to many countries especially the states due to the low-cost imports which enacted a quota in 1977 on shoe import, and this didn’t affect Hubbard since had not been business since 1970.

Saul continued manning highland import, a subsidiary, which imported shoes from Brazil and also worked with a unique American shoe manufacturing company and this gave rise to the Rockport mens shoes company in 1971.This company started with an investment of fifteen thousand dollars, and it has ever since reported profits year after year.

The Rockport Company started off by discovering Rockport shoes that could be an alternative to athletic shoes. They designed it in a manner that it incorporated the traditional styles as well as provided comfort and lightness of running shoes. This shoe gained popularity among the people as an all-purpose Shoes. The biggest achievement of this company was the discovery of the walking Rockport Shoes.

The amazing discovery of Rockport Shoes

This discovery led to the popularity of walking as a form of exercise. This company was later named the” proworker” after the 11,600-mile walk that was sponsored by the Rockport company. This was the first shoe to be created primarily to cater to the needs of a fitness walker. Currently, the Rockport Company has an online shop where consumers order or purchase items after which delivery is made.

It offers abroad warrant policy to make sure that all customers are completely satisfied with their Shoes and in case of any defective products within one-year, free repair or replacement can be made. They also provide some Rockport shoe maintenance products that guide a customer on how to take care of this shoes before, after use and during use which is meant to make the shoes last longer. Find it at Mode Footwear.

Choosing the perfect shoes for you

They also have guidelines on how to have maximum use of shoe alongside their great deals and offers. Rockport shoes are designed using the many generations experience in shoemaking to bring out the best possible shoes to cater to their customer’s needs.