Caterpillar work boots: A Step Ahead of The Competition

For more than 20 years now, people around the world have been purchasing and wearing various styles of Caterpillar work boots. This line of high quality footwear is official licensed merchandise of Caterpillar, Inc., which is known for known for manufacturing heavy machinery and construction equipment.

Why Caterpillar work boots is the number 1?

Also known as Cat Footwear, the extensive selection of Caterpillar work boots and shoes that is now available has something to offer for everyone’s preferences. Both men’s and women’s Caterpillar shoes are available in work and casual styles. 

As with their namesake heavy duty construction equipment, Caterpillar shoes are very durable and offer long-lasting performance. Not only are these shoes sturdy and reliable, but they are quite attractive and innovative in design. 

A wide range of Caterpillar work boots options for men and women can be found online and in retail stores everywhere.

The best styles to choose

Oxford-style shoes for men possess a timeless quality that keeps them always in-style. The oxford-style Tyndall shoe from Caterpillar offers lightweight comfort and durability that looks good in most settings. 

There are lots of men’s Caterpillar work boots that are designed for use on jobs where special protection for the feet is necessary. Steel toes are available in many models of shoes, as are composite toes, which offer a lower degree of protection from impact and compression. You can also find Cat shoes online at

Some of the models of Caterpillar shoes that are designed for heavy duty work are rated for protection against open circuits in electrical hazard construction work. There are other models of Caterpillar shoes that are made with a special rubber that makes them highly slip resistant. 

Many women like to wear different types of shoes from Caterpillar while they are working. These comfortable shoes combine stylish design with durable functionality, making them popular work shoes with women of all ages. 

For example, the women’s Woodward steel toe work shoe maintains the appearance of a fashionable sneaker that would be appropriate to wear in most situations. In actuality, however, the Woodward is a rugged, steel-toed work shoe that provides on-the-job protection. 

Choosing the perfect Caterpillar work boots for you

For a comfortable, retro-stylish shoe that serves double-duty as a great-looking sneaker, the Intruder shoe from Caterpillar is a top choice. This chunky sneaker-style shoe is modeled after a shoe that was introduced by Caterpillar in 1996, and is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. 

No matter which type of Caterpillar work boots a person decides to wear, they can be sure that the shoes will be of above-average quality.